Why do renters choose LUSO?

Choice. The perfect car, for the perfect adventure. We've been doing this for 2 years and manage a fleet of our own cars.

Value. We have 3000+ Five Star Reviews and the best prices in the rental market.

Accessibility. Location! Location! Location!  Our customers bypass the rental counter and rent unforgettable cars from friendly locals. We currently offer TURO Car Management at our Las Vegas location.

Make extra cash with rental car income! We manage your car on TURO for you! 

Did you know that we manage and rent vehicles on TURO that belong to guests just like you? Whether you're deployed military, or just have a car that could earn some extra cash β€” LUSO will manage your vehicle using TURO hassle free! 

How does it work?

Simply hand over your car and we'll get it on the road while you watch the cash role in. Meet us at our airport lot where we will photograph your vehicle, clean it, and log you into our rental profile on TURO. It’s as simple as that. Once in the system, 5 million active TURO users will have access to book your vehicle. 

We are a TURO power host.

Power Host is a special designation given to hosts who provide an exceptional experience for their renters. They respond quickly, receive glowing reviews, host a lot of bookings, and never cancel. We boast a 100% response, acceptance, and commitment rate. Most top hosts fall at 90% in these categories.

Never worry about your car!

We take care of everything! Cleaning between bookings, maintenance & repair tracking, plus FREE parking. We message all renters and arrange pick-up and drop-off then mail out your earnings monthly. 

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