Merger of LUSO and Mango Easy Rent create the largest Turo Host and Operator in the United States

  • LUSO and Mango have now a combined 4.5 million-dollar fleet of new cars
  • This merger makes LUSO the single largest owned fleet operator for Turo
  • LUSO announces expansion into San Jose, Honolulu, and other markets
  • LUSO will operate both, a high-end, and a traditional car rental fleet in all of its markets

Las Vegas, NV., Monday, April 16, 2018. - During the International Auto Rental Show in Las Vegas Nevada, two of the largest P2P and most rapidly growing Turo hosts in Southern California have announced their merger in what now becomes the largest single Turo host in the United States in terms of owned cars and revenue.

LUSO has gained important market share and brand recognition in San Diego by offering high-end luxury and sports vehicles. By pairing affordable price-points and the simplicity of a P2P delivery model, LUSO has created a rental experience like no other. With now over 100 options to choose from and more than 2000 5-star rated trips, LUSO has become the known go-to host for both, pleasure and business renters who want to experience the thrill of a sports convertible, an exotic, a fast muscle car, or the comfort and recognition of a luxury sedan.

On the other hand, in addition to its fleet, Mango brings a traditional car rental and senior corporate development expertise to the table, which will allow for the new LUSO to grow organically and through vehicle management partnerships.

As a result of this merger, LUSO announces its future expansion into new markets starting on Q2, 2018, with Honolulu, and San Jose, CA as its first two new cities. LUSO will continue expansion into 4 more cities to be announced before the end of the year.

The combined strength of both fleets in San Diego and all new markets will secure LUSO’s ability to reach a broader target audience, and tender to all budget sizes.

Sarah Walker, partner, founder, and spokesperson for LUSO has expressed her excitement about this new venture: “By adding the business expertise of Mango into our already successful operation, LUSO is embracing the huge potential of the developing and fast growing Peer to Peer car rental industry. We are confident this merger will help us expand into other markets and become the industry leaders in our segment.”

Carlos Bazan, “We have seen the success of the Peer to Peer car rental concept, and we are confident on the current and future potential that it brings to the car rental business. As many other disruptive technologies have proven, Peer to Peer will become an industry standard, and we are happy to be leaders in this sense. We are fully committed to the P2P model.”

LUSO will start with rebranding efforts for Mango and integrating processes from both entities in benefits of its audience.

About LUSO. LUSO is the leading luxury and specialty P2P car rental company under the P2P concept, and currently is one of the largest Turo fleet operators in the country. Owned by Orange Pacific Financial, LUSO has disrupted the experience-based car rental business in San Diego.
About Mango. Owned by Worldwide Leaders Grid, Mango Easy Rent is the first spinoff under the Mango Strategic Ventures group. Mango is a traditional and P2P car rental startup in San Diego, catering to the broad business and leisure travel market.